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Fern: Disappointing Vegetarian


A quick review: had to try the new veg cafe in town. Having promoted vegetarian food for over 10 years, run several veg kitchens, this was a must. The menu looked exciting enough, so I ordered the classic tester: the veg burger.

Ultimately, my whole experience was totally disappointing. The service left much to be desired. Hippie-esque tempo, wandering about and not paying attentive service. I was seated in a totally uncomfortable place, in the dark corner with my back turned to the rest of the (hardly full) restaurant, on a sunny day— then basically ignored. I had to wait ages to get the waiter’s attention to bring my a drinks menu (saw a big repertoire of wine bottles, strange they didn’t offer a wine list right away!) — took forever to get my order.

I am a veg food nerd. This burger was completely unimpressive. No flair on the plate whatsoever. The Amadine potatoes were alright, but I’ve seen them (boiled, then fried on the outside) so often I’m sick of these. They are so boring by themselves, even covered in sea salt/parsley.

I also hate it when it reads “fancy” on the menu - but not what you get. Boasted some type of dressing but there was such a little smidge on the bottom bun I couldn’t get the flavor (only hint of citrus). They need to have a healthy application of a brilliant aioli of dressing to make this work— because the “meat” of the burger, was basically a gigantic falafel. Truly. Not much distinct flavor, quite dry and the quinoa/sesame got stuck to the back of my throat. Top bun was dry, no dressing. Boring salad with, no ketchup (had to ask specifically for it, and it was their homemade sundried tomato ketchup, which is great, but WHY is this not on the burger?? needed it)

The cheese was this bulky slab of American orangey squeezy vinyl like cheese. GAG! I craved real cheddar…

All in all, total disappointment. Overpriced. Left not really wanting to come back here again. Don’t want to start my rant about how veg restaurants really need to go the culinary extra mile if they want to survive. What I saw was lackluster (and to meat eaters, probably fulfill all the stereotypes).


  • # of times dined here: 1st
  • Cost of Bill, glass of wine incl tip: $25 for 1person
  • Food Rating: 6/10
  • Service Rating: 4/10

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