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Food junkies and trained chefs from Charlotte. ////////////////// After watching hundreds of $$$$s thrown down the drain of every "recommended" restaurant in Charlotte, we bitterly decided to start blogging about it.

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Pho Adventures in Charlotte, pt II


Ok, another place we heard to check out for Pho was Vietnam Grille.

Oh LORD! Their Pho Tai was top banana! Highly, highly recommended. This is the best Pho I’ve had in Charlotte so far, and I’m a bit of a Pho nerd. The broth is so aromatic you just can’t stop, even after you know you’re full. I love that moment when you first dig in, blindingly happy, then you start to sweat, and sweat, and you blow your nose, then you keep digging through the mysteriously thin soup; like unearthing bits of buried treasure.


  • # of times dined here: 1st
  • Cost of Bill incl tip: $13 for 1person
  • Food Rating: 10/10
  • Service Rating: 10/10

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