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Food junkies and trained chefs from Charlotte. ////////////////// After watching hundreds of $$$$s thrown down the drain of every "recommended" restaurant in Charlotte, we bitterly decided to start blogging about it.

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Viet Thai Noodle House


We woke up the other day and discussed how we really wanted to see if Charlotte had good Pho. If you don’t know already, Pho is the national dish in Vietnam. It’s clear aromatic broth is notorious for being made by “simmering beef bones, oxtails, flank steak, charred onion, charred ginger and spices. For a more intense flavor, the bones may still have beef on them. Chicken bones also work and produce a similar broth. Seasonings can include Saigon cinnamon or other kinds of cinnamon as alternatives (may use stick or powder), star anise, roasted ginger, roasted onion, black cardamom, coriander seed, fennel seed, and clove. The broth takes several hours to make.”

My favorite part of Pho is accompanying plate of: thai basil, green or red chili, squeezing lime, and dropping in the bean sprouts. Did I mention lots and lots of chili:)? And fresh coriander.

We’d been here a few times, but didn’t recall the Pho being super outstanding. So we tried again, ordered Pho Tai. Much better then the Pho with seafood, though, for pescetarians the more obvious choice.

Pretty darn good. Not the best Pho we’ve tasted, but not bad. Definitely satisfying, and worlds better then other restaurants who try to pass as Pho. Also like that you can choose the sizes of M, L or XL. Got a piece of what tasted like the roasted ginger stuck in my teeth, like it hadn’t been sieved from the broth— and we knew this was the real dang thing.



  • # of times dined here: 4th
  • Cost of Bill incl tip: $13 for 1person
  • Food Rating: 8/10
  • Service Rating: 9/10

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