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Food junkies and trained chefs from Charlotte. ////////////////// After watching hundreds of $$$$s thrown down the drain of every "recommended" restaurant in Charlotte, we bitterly decided to start blogging about it.

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Passage to India


Best. Indian. Lunch. Buffet. In. Charlotte. So far.

First off, f- all your reviews about cleanliness or rude Indian waiters. If you’ve been to India, you know what may come with the territory… heeheehee… Who doesn’t love hole in the walls? I would only moan about the cleanliness depending on whether or not the food quality. And in this case, it has absolutely no effect, so I don’t complain.

There is also nothing that makes me happier then coming here and seeing 80% Indians eating lunch. If this is where all the Indians go, you know it’s gotta be good. Right hand  fluffy nan bread dipping into piles of steaming hot curry.

I haven’t tried anything but the lunch buffet, but I think it’s incredible value. Everything is done properly, the rotis, idlys, the chana masala, the chicken curries, the raita, etc. There’s usually 2 meat curries and 4 veg curries to choose from. Fresh salad (cucumbers to plonk into the raita) and fresh fruit for dessert.

What I’m saying is, know that this isn’t gourmet Indian or out-of-the-box Indian. It’s just plain average mama’s Indian. Which to me, is perfect for a quick lunch. It’s also tons better then overpriced Indian, or sad discolored Indian food. Like the Saag Paneer ain’t the best you’ve tasted. But it’s satisfying.


  • Lunch Buffet $6.99
  • Weekend Brunch Buffet $9.99

Me happy. If you want a un-American eating experience, eat here. Crowded to elbows, people eating with their hands, stuffing your face, in, out, job done.


  • # of times dined here: 2
  • Cost of Bill: $8 for 1person
  • Food Rating: 8/10
  • Service Rating: 6/10

9510 University City Blvd 101 Neighborhood: University City

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