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Food junkies and trained chefs from Charlotte. ////////////////// After watching hundreds of $$$$s thrown down the drain of every "recommended" restaurant in Charlotte, we bitterly decided to start blogging about it.

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Terrace Cafe - Southpark


After a long and treacherous New Year’s Eve (picture being cut off at the bar below Gastro Lounge, and continuing to drink out of a Stella can tucked in my trenchcoat)— well, yea. We needed breakfast recovery. So to Terrace Cafe we went.

The notorious “wait” ensued. We weren’t the only hungover ones, and as the rain drizzled, we recanted the night before, before being seated 30 mins later.

We spotted about 6 open tables as we’re led in, and wondered why we weren’t seated earlier.

Ordered foamy cappuccinos, and fresh squeezed OJ. Started feeling the road to recovery.

The menu looked great. We wanted to order everything. But I stuck to something I’ve missed, poached eggs. We ordered:

  • Eggs Florentine.
  • Full breakfast, and
  • the Cajun Shrimp Omelet.

My eggs were perfectly poached, which made me happy. The Hollandaise sauce actually tasted like Hollandaise sauce. My English muffin however was a tad over fried and hard. Oh well. Overall tasty. Good salad. Good hash.

My friends dug their meals. The Cajun Shrimp was a bit too pungent of a thing to eat hungover (eggs and fishyness…) but seemed OK. Bit over the top onion-y.

Finished. Service was just OK.

Bit pricey, but the best hangover cure. Will come here again.


  • # of times dined here: 1st
  • Cost of Bill: $12-18 for 1person
  • Food Rating: 8/10
  • Service Rating: 7/10

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