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Food junkies and trained chefs from Charlotte. ////////////////// After watching hundreds of $$$$s thrown down the drain of every "recommended" restaurant in Charlotte, we bitterly decided to start blogging about it.

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Toast Cafe - Ballantyne


I must say with great emphasis: brand-new restaurants simply write their own obituaries by leaving first-time customers dissatisfied.

Granted, it’s location ensures it’s main clientele are (rich) families and really freakin’ old people. But I’m almost certain they won’t last longer then a year or two, or further the demise of turning this into a franchise, as they’re assiduously trying to do.

Newly-minted Toast Cafe just opened in Ballantyne in the heart of urban planning identity-crises, “Village at Robinson Farm”. Having tired out the Flying Biscuit over the years (more on that later), and disgusted with the strange sushi-pizza menu at Cosmos Cafe, I eagerly hoped this would be my new breakfast/lunch place.

I came here starving, and left, still starving.

We ordered:

  • Half Portobello Mushroom Sandwich w/ Jack Cheese & Sautéed Onions on a Kaiser Roll and Tomato Soup - $8.99
  • Half Turkey Sandwich and Soup - $8.99

The portions were tiny. And the Portobello mushroom sand I gulped in about two bites. Here, you get exactly what you order, no flair. Which can be fine, but summoned my few mushrooms with an overload of cheese. I saw NO SIGHT of onions. Yup. And the kaiser roll was more like— the cheapest, paper thin white bread you could find. The tomato soup was pretty boring as well.

As a chef, I have an obsessive tendency to calculate the costs of the food I’m given. I paid nearly $10 for a tiny, tiny sandwich and a bit of tomato soup - prob cost them $1.50 max to make.

I left disgruntled, despite an overwhelming number of ppl asking me, “How is the food?”. Yup, on their website they pride themselves on having not just “one waiter” per table. Which means, a barrage of different ppl asking me about the food when I’m actually not happy at all. It was boring and stupid pricey for what you get.

I also HATED the “look” of this place, these bland suburban paintings that aren’t really paintings. Like really asinine peach and gold and beige colored things. You know, restaurant owners who open places with absolutely no creative spark. The space is huge— but suffocated by the kind of furniture you buy at Target. The over-cosy pseudo-European shit that Europeans wouldn’t actually use.


  • # of times dined here: 1st
  • Cost of Bill incl. Tip: $25 for 2ppl
  • Food Rating: 3/10
  • Service Rating: 6/10

Toast Cafe, 8430 Rea Rd. http://toasthousecafe.com/

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